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 The 50s was a great
time to be a kid.

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SHS58.ORG started in 1997 as a project to help publicize the Elmira, NY Southside High School Class of 58's 40th Year Reunion. Since that time, it has grown beyond anyone's wildest expectations, certainly mine! Today we get mail from all over the globe from former Southsiders as well as folks who just want to say 'hi.' It has really been an exhilarating experience to be a part of this project. I've had a chance to renew old friendships and acquaintances. It's been an opportunity to look back and reflect upon my childhood and share some of those experiences with former classmates and friends. And it has been an educational experience in discovering interesting facts about some very interesting times during Elmira's history.I hope you will enjoy your visit with us down memory lane.

Check out our Guest Book and see who has preceded you. Visit our Main & Water Home Page, maybe leaving a news item or sharing a thought that others might find interesting. Spend some time learning about the history of Elmira by taking a look at our Eldridge Park Home Page or The Mark Twain Hotel Home Page.

And in visiting some of these memories, perhaps you'll take some time to share one of your own memories with us.We have regular features here on the website that change monthly. There is always a new picture or a feature story about Elmira or an alumnus of Southside.

So come often and plan to stay awhile. Many Southside alums who graduated before and since 1958 have expressed a wish that someone in their own class would start up a web site like this one. Maybe if we are patient enough, someone will. But until that happens, we 58'ers invite everyone to take part in and enjoy this web site and if anyone would like to publicize an event for their graduating class, we'd be most happy to accommodate that wish. Just let me know what you need.Bill Cook
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PS: If you'd like to help us share the cost of operating these web sites, you can do so by visiting our Friends of SHS58.ORG site. We can always use your help.

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