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Main & Water circa 1900
Picture courtesy of Marlene Swimelar Ascherl
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04-16-12 - Debra -
City Now: I am living near Savannah GA

I was born in Elmira and given up for adoption by a woman named Kay Ellen Murray. I was posting on adoption sites and was wondering if anyone on here might have heard of her... she supposedly worked at a local drug store.. Terbell-Colkins Drug Store... she was born in 1925 and gave me up when she was 21 years old.. I was adopted by the Hoffman's and my name was Sharon (Murray)Hoffman. I was born in 1945. I have been trying to locate any siblings or family members I could. I haven't had any luck yet. Due to the flood (1946) there, I was not able to obtain any records - they were all destroyed. If anyone can help me with any information, please send me an e-mail.

04-12-12 - Gregory Wixson, Elmira -
Subject: willing to help with the Parks

Hello my name is Greg and I am a part of a group of youth leaders, pastors, and parents that are trying to give back to the community. We are planning an event on May 4 and 5th. on May 5 we are trying to help the community with any projects they may have. We have talked with Able 2, tanglewood and nursing homes. If there are project that we could help with that would be great. There could be 75 to 150 teens working in Chemung County that day. We are able to do work mid-day 11 to 2 pm if you have need of us please let me know so I can have work for the teens. There is no cost to you. If you want them to paint or do other projects the materials do come from you. We can bring some tools i.e. rakes shovels. Greg

04-04-12 - Stephanie, SHS 1990s -
City Now: Palm Bay FL

I know it wasn't exactly the good ol' days but does anyone remember the mural that was painted on the entire side wall of the building as you crossed the Main Street Bridge? I remember looking at it every day as a kid in the 80s and early 90s. It was on the corner bldg of Main Street Bridge and Water Street. It was vandalized when I was younger and painted over. (Paintball gun i think) I wouild like to see this mural again but cannot find it. Please email me with any hints. Thanks!!

03-15-11 - Bill Cook,
SUBJECT: the Main and Water Home Page

This page has been around awhile - literally since the late 90s when I was setting up a website for the Southside High School Class of 58. For the past several years, I had to take it down because of the amount of spam it was generating to my servers. But hopefully I now have it back on line and the spammers have been corraled and contained.

This was a very popular site, as you can see from the comments below. And not just for the SHS Class of 58. Elmirans and former Elmirans signed in and just about overnight it was a popular place to congregate online.

With the creation of the new site,, I am reviving this page as our Guest Book page or for just about anything anyone wants to use it. I hope you'll sign in and let us know what's going on with you wherever you may be. And don't let's be strangers. Let us hear from you today.

In the meantime - let's all meet at the corner of Main & Water like we used to back in the good old days. It was kind of like an outdoor Duffy's Tavern for those of you who go back as far as I do.

Bill Cook, the webguy at (and other sites)

11-07-08 - Mary Costello, (SHS58)
SUBJECT: the new look on the web site

First, I would like to echo Judy Bumbalo and thank once again the organizers for our 50th (gulp) reunion. You did a great job.

Bill, the new look on the home page is very appealing. Thank you.

I have survived halloween in Salem, MA once again. It is hard to get around the whole month of October, but it does bring money into the city's coffers.

11-04-08 - Jean Dyke Kinney

Bob Dyke passed away on Monday, Nov. 3rd, in Honolulu HI. He was a Viet Nam Vet and was wounded twice. He retired from US Army in 1977 and remained in Hawaii and worked for many years at Schofield Base. He married Kyung Soon (Jane) in 1975.

We have no more close relatives in Elmira but he always called it home. His last trip to Elmira was in 2003 when his mother was taken critically ill. We spent many days riding around our old home town and reminiscing. He had so many friends there during school days but he quit school to go into Army. I can only really remember a few of them Sammy Spallone, Bob Woods, and Carlos Mejia were the ones I remember most. Just wanted to put this in here for all to see.

10-04-08 - Judy Bumbalo (SHS58)
SUBJECT: Reunion Class of 58

Just a quick note to thank the reunion committee for all they did to make our 50th so much fun. Your work was evident and it was worth every penny of my plane ticket!

Thanks also to Bill Cook for all his work as Webmaster....the site is a joy to visit. Greetings to all from my retirement home in Boston.

04-03-08 - William Simons -
SUBJECT: Reunion

This website is great! I'm Bill Simons, Class of 68 looking for ole classmates! I'm hoping we are having a reunion. Anyone have any info? I live in Peoria, AZ now and last summer came back to Elmira for vacation. It's so beautiful in the summer! The Merry-Go-Round at Eldridge Park has been professionally rebuilt, is working and a lot of fun to ride! Sure was great seeing our home town again!

12-23-07 - Dee Cain Gribbon -

What a wonderful surprise to find this site. I am Dorina Cain Gribbon, Class of 59. My brother, James Cain, would have graduated in 58 but joined the Air Force instead. John Gribbon, class of '58, and I married in 1960, had 4 children, divorced in'79. As you know, John crossed over, Jim crossed over in 2006 from cancer.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas and the very best new year.

05-13-06 Jon Vedder -
HeardOfUs: From previous emails
High School: SHS 58
City Now: Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico
Rating: Superb

You know, trying to find out where everybody ended up was not so hard with our site. Of all the classes of SHS, we got ourselves a web site. Perfecto! Thanks to all who participated in this project. Please write. I miss you all. Buena suerta.

05-07 Bill Nagle -

Right from this corner

1) End of the war with Japan, the crowds downtown.
2) The circus parades to Dunn Field with the clowns and elephants and one year; Gargantua the Gorilla.
3) High School pre game Shenanigans and bonfires
4)Movies at Keeney, Regent, Capitol, Strand theatres with Hot dogs from M&M. Double features as "children sitters".
5)Swinging shopping from Elmira Arms, Iszards, Gorton Coy, Marksons, Werdenbergs,with Popcorn at the corner wagon now (on display now). The Langdon Estate and the Churches, Trinity, St Patricks. Park, Grace, and the Big Bands at the Armory.
7) Then a mile West to the Hoffman Street area, with ice skating and bonfires on Hoffman Pond or ice skating and ice cream socials at #11 School at Church and Hoffman.
8) So Much more! Later

05-06-06 Arthur F. Goodrich -
HeardOfUs: from Dee Mallette Fitzgerald
High School: EFA 52
City Now: Seligman AZ
Rating: Absolutely GREAT

I am still entering areas and looking back on our fabulous life in Elmira. We set some records and had a super time doing it. Looking forward to more--and we will be in town for our 55th in October of 2007.
With love 'n hugs to all
AZ Art: retired Navy/retired San Diego Zookeeper. Sittin' on my "laurels" hahaha

05-02-06 Tom Roykouff -
HeardOfUs: Remembering Elmira
High School: Dickerson 89
City Now: Trumansburg, NY 14886
Rating: Absolutely GREAT

I never grew up in Elmira, NY only I do have many memories of Elmira and even Eldridge Park because my family would go over there just about other weekend. In fact we still do. It was just a little bit ago that I got to revisit Eldridge Park and it made me kinda sad. How come? Because so much has changed. None of the rides are there anymore since it closed down. There's a couple of buildings that are still up which makes me wonder if one was the Penny Arcade or Movie Theater.

I only had three memories that really came back to me that day when I walked through the park. One when I got to the lake I remembered riding Jasper the SeaDragon boat and leaning over the side to see my reflection in the water only my Big Brother told me not to lean over too much or I could fall in and he'd never be able to rescue me because it was suppose to be a bottemless lake. So I got right back in my seat.

Another vivid memory of mine and this must be from the 70's, I remember watching the Banana Splits show on one of the stages. It's funny too because I was a huge fan of Sid and Marty Kroft and even tho I know it's fake now, it made the show seem so real to me then. I wish I had a picture of The Banana Splits from Eldridge Park. I wonder if anybody else remembers them performing there? I also remember riding the Merry Go Around and trying to reach the brass ring for a free ride, but being too small to grab it only I sure try hard! I also have memories of going to downtown Elmira.

I remember going to Comics for Collectors on MainStreet which had to be the late 80's only shortly after they closed in that area. I also remember being able to get a lot of great toys from Hessleton's only now they stopped selling them. The main reason why I'm sending this is because I read all the great memories of Elmira and I know I'm not the only one who wants this to happen, but I watch Extreme Home Make Over every Sunday and I really wish somebody would tell them about old Elmira and Eldridge Park. I bet if Elmira came together as a community they'd be able to get Extreme Home Make Over to build a fully functioning Eldridge Park the way it used to be and maybe even bring back old Elmira. I really hope somebody does write in, because you don't know until you try and it'd be great to go to Eldridge Park again.

One last thing before I end this message, I think this is the best website about Elmira, NY I ever saw! It's got better history in it then the history books at the local book store! I hope you keep up the great work and I'll be back again!

Editor's Note: Eldridge Park IS coming back - please read.

04-28-06 Frank Lovell Millen -
HeardOfUs: my cousin in Conklin NY
Rating: Superb

I was born in Elmira at Arnot -Ogden Hospital 7/27/41 and am looking for Lovell's Drug Store. Now I will start looking. Hope it's here!!!

04-03-06 Sandi (Spencer) Sampson -
Subject: Looking for Class of 66

I never hear about anyone from the class of 66. I have emailed Margie Peterson & Gail Fuller. Since graduation I have gotten married and have moved back and forth across the country with my husband's (Rich) job. We have two kids Nancy (Brooklyn NY) and Greg (Dallas,TX). Rich and I now live in Huntersville, NC and we own and run a Custom Frame Shop, (The Great Frame Up) I would love to hear from anyone from the class of 66.

01-13-06 Jean Dyke Kinney -
HeardOfUs: lucky
High School: SHS 58
City Now: Danielsville GA 30633
Rating: Superb

Excellent site. I would have graduated in 1958 but quit.. (dumb). Did go back to school tho much later. Have very fond memories of SHS, and Elmira. Spent a year back in Elmira 3 years ago caring for my Mother but couldn't handle the cold and snow anymore (I spent 35 years in Miami before moving to GA) Brought my Mother here to live with me she is now 84. We have 5 generations twice in our family and one more on the way in September.

I remember very happy times at Eldridge Park and do any of you remember the dances on Fri. and Sat. at the Y? Too bad they don't do things like that for kids anymore. My brother Bob Dyke(Sonny) lives in Honolulu Hi and was home for a month when our Mother got sick and he and I did nothing for a week but just ride around and remember. We hadn't seen one another in 15 years so I guess good things come from bad. Would really love you hear from some of my old friends and anyone who remembers my brother. He is pretty much house bound and would be really be glad to hear from old friends. Again this is such a GREAT SITE. Am only sorry it took me so long to find it.

01-08-06 Cindy Presto -
HeardOfUs: just exploring
High School: SHS 66
City Now: Lawrenceville PA
Rating: Superb

It is wonderful to go down Memory Lane. Wish we had more about Hopkins Street School. Thanks - Cindy.

01-07-06 John B Brown, III -
HeardOfUs: My sister, who graduated from SHS in 1967, told about it this morning, and I've been reading it for three hours!!!
High School: SHS64
City Now: Boynton Beach FL
Rating: Superb

Man, what a walk down memory lane!!! Great site!!!

12-19-05 Robert G Dyke -
HeardOfUs: Web Surfing
High School: SHS 58 (Quit Junior Year)
City Now: Honolulu HI

You've got the ratings correct. Wish I had found you a long time ago. Just now beginning to read some of the articles. Don't understand why I'm not in the Junior Home Room pictures. Do you have Sophomore pic's? Keep up the good work.

12-11-05 TERESA -

It was so nice to stumble upon this site. I ended up in Long Island because I followed my Elmira College sweetheart to his home. Visiting the site has made me cry. Everyday I long for the life I had in Elmira. The people are so much nicer upstate.

The most heart breaking thing about Elmira is what is once was. My husband drives through during the holidays and thinks that I grew up in some kind of slum. Anyway, thank you for reminding of some of the great places I knew as a child.

If anyone remembers The American Hotel on 3rd. St. near Totem Taxi, behind McDonald's; my great-uncle Irving Treat passed away 3 months ago and the Hotel (in terrible disrepair) ended up with his wife's family. I had hoped it could get registered as a historical place. It will probably get a wrecking ball instead. My grand father is in poor health and gave it up pretty easily. My great-grandmother was Mary Mead the original owner.

10-27-05 Mary Ellen Dalton -
Subject: Mr. Richard Havens

Does anyone have an email address or mailing address for Mr. Havens, our former English teacher at Southside? I would love to get in contact with him!

10-12-05 Joyce Slavin Fivie -

My Dad Joseph A. Slavin who was a patrolman on the Elmira Police Force was probably the one who helped you cross Main & Water Street on many of a busy Friday Night or Saturday while you were doing your shopping. He stood on that corner many weekends no matter what the weather to direct traffic and help people across the street. Those were the good old days when we could have lunch a the Iszard Tea Room or a burger and shake at Woolworth's lunch counter.

07-25-05 Judy (Williams) Seyter, SHS58 -
City Now: Lakeland FL
Rating: Excellent

In case anyone ever wanted to know what happened to Judy Williams Seyter. I married a wonderful man. Walter Seyter graduated from the Elmira Free Academy in 1955 We were married October 27, 1962. We were blessed with 2 daughters and one son. All of our children have married and we now have 5 grandchildren and one baby being adopted from China. We are very excited and hope to hear sometime after the first of the year.

I drove School Bus for Horseheads Central District for 25 wonderful years. It was a dream job. 8 hours a day with some of the most precious aggravating smart and cunning kids around. I love them all each and every one. Could never have imagined a more enjoyable aggravating precious job in the world. Really hope my classmates have had the wonderful years of raising a great family and having a job they really liked.

It was nothing but a blessing.

05-30-05 Barb (Bowman) Birdsall, SHS71 -
HeardOfUs: friends
Rating: Superb

I love this site. I am looking to find old friends from my class and see when the next reunion will be. I live in Colorado now and love it here.

05-27-05 Kathy Kittle McGee, SHS61 -
HeardOfUs: long time user
City Now: Seneca SC
Rating: Superb

While glancing at the obits in the Star Gazette, I saw that Bruce Silvers died. Was this the Bruce of the class of 58? I presume so; He was a great guy; dated my friend, Pat Dean's, sister Sandy. Time is fleeting; we must make the best use of it. Web site is extra special.

05-24-05 Mary Payne, SHS83 -
City Now: Alpin

I think its wonderfull and d Ihope to hear from some of you.

05-12-05 Lester (Larry) Straw, SHS55 -

Does anyone have information about the Class of 1955, and if a reunion is planned?

Editor's Note: Yes, check Reunion Central Station at this website.

05-12-05 Lauren Brown Griffith, SHS64 -
HeardOfUs: search engine
City Now:: South Lake Tahoe CA
Rating: Superb

This brought back so many memories of my hometown. I lived on Broadway and went St. Mary's. I love it when I come home to visit.

You are doing a fab job!! Thanks so much.

05-09-05 Dickie Dalton, SHS88 -
City Now: Las Vegas, NV
Rating: Superb

Would love to hear from anyone from the class of 1988....or other classes who may know me.

Does anyone have photos from Hardy Elementary? It was torn down in 1983 (corner of Perine and Dubois St).

05-09-05 Ruth Johnson Spencer, SHS47 -
HeardOfUs: From Betty Mosher--SHS47
City Now: Cayce, S.C. 29033
Rating: Superb

I really enjoyed it and I think it is very well done. It brought back a lot of memories, especially about Pitt's hang out.

05-08-05 Jim Morrell, HHS57 -
City Now: winter - Melbourne FL and summer - Endicott NY

Great, great information. I can never thank you enough. MY favorite teacher at HHS was Mrs Sheppard.. who just died last year.. both my parents were Southside grads.. James Morrell (SR) in about 1937 and Oralie Hollenbeck in about 1935 (may not have finished.. with her class.. she got side tracked.. got GED later.. smile
those of you that went to UB.. I probably remember.. I was there in engineering from '57 to '62.. then in Endicott IBM for 30 years.. nuff said..

02-03-05 Pat (Watkins) Hicks, SHS65 -
HeardOfUs: my daughter accidentally found it and called to give it to me.
City Now: Zephyrhills FL
Rating: Absolutely GREAT

I was really nostalgic, remembering all of the places I grew up with, so much a part of my life. Thank you so much for the memories.

12-30-04 Fran Osteen -
Subject: Main and Water

I remember going with my uncle, Frank Scheid, who also was a SHS student and football co-captain.We would catch the bus home after going to the Capital on Friday or Sat. evening. Also remember the Light and Gas and the beautiful building that housed it, plus Cronin's where you could get scrumptious oyster stew. Ah! The good old days.

08-31-04 James (Salvatorie) Tangorre -
Subject: Where it started

I remember way back when I was a young energetic man looking to find myself, but was looking nowhere fast. Interested in photography, but everyone knew me as an electrician. Why? I guess that's what I did back then. Tommy Hilfiger had just opened his shop and sold clothes, too, at the corner of Gray and Main Streets downstairs. A short time later he moved up to the main level and I was asked to do the electrical and lighting. For those of you who came to the "People's Place" and remember the funky lighting - that was mine. Four giant stars in the ceiling made from fluorescent lighting.

Some will tell you that this was the inspiration for Tommy to select the Flag (American) as his logo. I would like to think so, and Tommy has made mention on it on more than one occasion.

Well, I actually went on to become an Electrical Engineer and I specialized in Lighting Design. I think that you are sure to have seen some of my work or have passed through it if you have traveled at all in this country.

I left that profession after several years to follow my passion in photography. I love it, including the peaks and valleys of work as a professional photographer. I'm not going to bore your with my work here. I found that no matter where I go and what I do, I am reminded that there is no place like Elmira. I have been all over the world and have shot some of the most famous people here in the US, but Elmira brings me back to reality like a first love or maybe two. Let's see, there was Linda, Irene, Wendy, Rita, Andrea, Irene (another one), Donna, Jeannie, Sara and a few more. What's interesting is the common element between them and Elmira.They were from Elmira and I have never found anything better then Elmira.

Elmira, if you were a woman, I'd marry you! Yes, I stole that line from the commercial.

Did I rattle on in this letter. Yes. Why? Because I came back to Elmira for the summer to help my Dad out, and I feel free. Free from stress, free from angry people and free to breathe.

And to think, it all started on or near Main and Water Street in the Sixties.

08-16-04 Vivian "Bootie" (Tarbell) Elbert -
Subject: Thanks for the Memories!

What a great web site! I was the first of four Tarbells to attend SHS. My class was the class of 1955. Looking forward to our next reunion.

As I was browsing the web for a high school teacher's name and family, I discovered your web site. My favorite teacher - Elsa Brookfield. My favorite job - working at Iszard's.

My husband, children and I have returned to Elmira many times for my Elmira College reunions and family reunions. You have helped me to recall many happy memories. I have worked in nursing for many years and have lived in Connecticut for 36 years.

08-13-04 Gerald E. Smith -
HeardOfUs: Elmira Star Gazette web site
City Now: Oaktown IN
Rating: Superb

Our family moved from Elmira in 1953 and I graduated from high school in Carrollton, KY; but I had attended SHS for most of my high school years and would have been a member of the SHS class of '54.

One of the best sites I've seen. Thanks for the great Elmira memories!

06-03-04 Mary Costello -
Subject: SHS dedication programs

I want to thank Mary-Jo for a wonderful bit of history. My dad, Ray Costello, attended the new SHS in 1924 for a post-graduate year after graduating from EFA. He went to SHS for a year because his father had gone out on strike with his men on the Pennsy Railroad. At that time Dad could have had a free ride to the U of Pennsylvania because his father worked on the railroad. The strike ended that dream, which was a shame because my father was a bright man and would have relished the education.

04-20-04 Bill & Nancy (Hurd) Marks -
HeardOfUs: e-mail from a classmate
School: Elmira SHS65.
City Now: Pine City N. Y.
Rating: Absolutely GREAT

What a great site! It surely brings back memories of great times and places.

03-29-04 Lou Schmeiske -
HeardOfUs: Browsing
School: EFA 1957
City: Horseheads
Rating: Absolutely GREAT

Even though I was from the Eastside I have fond memories of the Southside. I worked there and had a lot of friends from there. It was a very good school and I always enjoyed the annual football game. Times changed tho, it is not the same. Must be getting older. NAAAHHH.

03-14-04 John Corney -

Remember one hot day when Steve Roe, his beagle and yours truly walked through 'Main & Water' from the Elmira Police Station our hunting clothes, hip boots and shotguns on our shoulders.

The story line ... Donnie McIntosh shot a cat near the Roricks Glen island where we all were hunting one day. Kind of riled up the neighbors that lived along the Chemung and they called the police. Steve and I crossed the rapids toward the Glen to 'evade' the police who had been called. Anyway, there were police on that side of the river, too, and we got a ride to the police station.

The Captain (Steve's neighbor) asked us if we shot a cat? Nooooo! OK, your free to go. We asked for a ride home to the Southside and he said ... Noooo, all the cars are on patrol (smile). So we hoofed it, through Main and Water...on a shopping Saturday day, with 'everybody' in Elmira 'admiring us' as we sweated our way home...

01-17-04 Victor Vallet -
HeardOfUs: Ray Lamoreaux
School: Elmira SHS 72

01-12-04 David Reynolds -
HeardOfUs: Mike George
School: EFA 1958
Rating: Superb

You sure make my class of 1958 look like a bunch of dudes.

12-06-03 Mercy Farinas -
Subject: Old Books

Hello, I bought a hand full of books around five or six years ago from an old salvage yard. I was digging thru an old wooden trunk and came across some old books that caught my attention as I have always been fascinated with old personal memorabilia.

One book has the name Fred W. Case and an address 145 West Water St. in Elmira, New York. and the other ones belonged to Estella Davis but have no address. The books are very old and the hand writing is in old english lettering. (1880) Book name: Elements of Harmony.

If by any chance anyone can send me any info on these people I would be grateful. I am going to visit New York in the near future and will be stopping by to visit Elmira.

10-06-03 - Laurie (Huff) Drake -
HeardOfUs: looking for information on M&M Hotdogs for a school project for my son
School: Horseheads 1959
City: Hannibal N.Y. 13074
Rating: Superb

I grew up Elmira Horseheads and it was great to see all the memories I grew up with. The site is great. I'll be back to visit it often. Thanks for the great work and time spent.

09-19-03 John McClain -
HeardOfUs: surfing
School: Crown Point High School
Rating: Absolutely GREAT

I continue to return to this site for inspiration. While I think my alumni website is good (, I cannot capture the mistique of this site. You were my initial inspiration and remain my optimal goal - one, I'm sure, I'll never attain.

09-11-03 Judy Scaffidi Newman
Subject: Reunion

I did not get to the reunion, so I was really pleased to see the pictures on the web site. Thanks to those who contributed pictures and to Bill for posting them.

09-04-03 Shirley Wildrick -
HeardOfUs: family
School: Elmira SHS 55
City Now: Nunda, NY
Rating: Superb

08-30-03 Bill Boots -
HeardOfUs: Iinternet
School: Lilly PA (1945)
City Now: Elsegundo, CA
Rating: Superb

Your web site is really great. I entered it when searching for another site. Spent the all evening on it though I am from another school----------thank you---

08-25-03 Don Harvey -
Subject: Friends

I would like to hear from kids from SHS62.

08-17-03 Patricia M Williams
HeardOfUs: Google
School: Spencerport High School 1959
City Now: Port Orange, FL
Rating: Superb

08-15-03 Steve Dickinson -
HeardOfUs: Link from Eldridge Park site
School: SHS 1969

Thanks for doing such a great job on this site! The "honor roll" of old Elmira company names and landmarks was like a trip in a time machine! I get to visit "The Big E" from time to time, and I see a Star-Gazette every once in a while, so I notice that many of the things that made Elmira such a great place to grow up are gone now. But thanks for reminding me about the special place my home town still has in my heart! Hey, class of 69! Any plans for a reunion?

06-07-03 Gary L. Ingersoll -
HeardOfUs: search engine
School: St Louis Mich 1961
Rating: Superb

Now I've had time to look site over, I am very impressed. Especially like the car photos. As soon as I find out how to do it, Ill send pictures of my 57 Ford Custom 300 and my wife's 75 delta 88( a little too new for 58 though. I couldn't convince her to find one from the 50's)

06-03-03 Mike George -
HeardOfUs: surfing
School: EFA '59
Rating: Superb

Have a ball looking over the web site all the time. Sharon Whiting, where are you? Email me if you ever read this. I talked a bit with Nancy McConnell when she lived in Charlotte. Miss Elmira but never seem to get back there anymore.

05-19-03 David B. Dailey -
HeardOfUs: Found you Surfing for Dunn Field
School: 1975 Hornell, NY
City Now: Wolcott, NY
Rating: Superb

This is one GREAT site for Southside High. So glad I found it. My Mom and Dad went to Elmira Catholic School late 40 early 50s but knew a lot of people from Southside. My dad, Thomas Paul Dailey, used to be the batboy at Dunn field in 1949. He went by the name Paul Dailey. He would take a glove, bat & ball to home plate before the game started and during the 7th inn stretch. He would then hit the ball straight up in the air and drop the bat, pick up the glove and catch it behind his back. That must have been entertainment for the Fans.

Can't forget to mention one of my favorite Place to drive by and mmell the area -
Jeans Beans! I just loved that smell! Made me hungry everytime we drove by.

My Mom is Patricia Dailey But went by Pat (Patsy Moylan) and she worked the Ice cone stand at Dunn Field all by herself. Does anyone remember my mom and dad? Would an pictures if anyone has any for either of them.

Other names in my family are Rita (Dailey) Wayne, Bernard Dailey, who all still live in the Elmira Horseheads area. Bryan Moylan, John (Jack) Moylan who both have passed. My mom and dad get to Elmira at least once a month. I remember sliding down Reformitory Hill during the winter months in the early 1960's. What times.

GREAT site, God Bless you all.

05-17-03 Mickey Masker -
HeardOfUs: classmate sent me a email
School: Elmira SHS 86
City Now: Pine City/NY/14871
Rating: Excellent

03-19-03 Kathy Kittle McGee -

Some of my fondest memories growing up in Elmira are of Eldridge Park where I once rode the roller coaster 13 times in a row. Please go to The Eldridge Park Home Page and find out what is happening. The Carousel is being brought back. You can help this project by donating money or by purchasing Eldridge Park momentos. Hop on the ride, reach for the brass ring and help to bring this wonderful carousel back to its home.

02-23-03 Karen Keenan -
Subject: Jim Keenan Photo

I received an e-mail from my son, Tom, regarding your web site and your featured photo of my deceased husband Jim. Thank you!!!!

My life is filled with wonderful memories and, although I didn't know Jim in his high school days, I have heard a lot of stories over the years. Enjoy your reunion. What a great web page you have!!!!

02-19-03 Tom Keenan, SHS 86 - Out of the blue, I was surfing with Southside High key word and checked out your site. Thanks for the nice picture of my dad. It has been almost 6 years since he left us but his memory is still with me and my family. Good luck on your upcoming reunion. May you remember "Slim" at your next one. Thanks again for posting his picture.

02-14-03 - Lisa Mattoon Gagnon, San Antonio,TX -

Thank you for the was referred by a friend....deep in mystical memory of childhood you have stirred the innocence of beginning. I grew up in the Big Flats/Horseheads area in the late 40's & early 50's. Too bad a quiet place like this no longer exists,everything now bigger, noiser, indifferent but not better.

02-13-03 Jon Vedder

The last time I wrote, I think I was working at Wal-Mart. Things do change, don't they? I'm now living in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, on the north side of Laguna Chapala, about 25 miles south of Guadalajara. Now, this is retirement!

The village is about 500 years old, with original cobblestone streets laid by the Spanish. This is really the way to go for an inexpensive retirement and I have nothing to do but what I want to do.

Many Northerners and Canadians live here, about 1/3 of the population of the Laguna- Chapala Population.

I wish I could send some pictures, but I don't have a digital camera. Any info on the area can be obtained from http://

And yes, I still have dreams about Connie Nelson. You know, of course, that she was my first unrequited love.

So, hasta luego, until next time.....

01-30-03 Barbara Tremaine Sanford -
Subject: kidney transplant
Hi Everyone, Just a note to keep in touch and let you know that Mark and I are doing fine--4 years after our transplant. When Super Bowl comes around --(by the way what about our BUCS--being season ticket holders--this has been great fun for us and all of Tampa) --I always remember it was the next morning we were admitted for our surgery.
I talk with Mark often and he is doing fine --working everyday and enjoying life with his teenage son. I'm also doing fine and still working at nursing at Moffitt Cancer Hospital.
We'll be coming home late May to Keuka Lake for the summer thus will see you at the reunion--Mark plans on coming also. Wait til you see how different he looks--it's wonderful--I know how grateful he is as he always tells me when we talk--even sends me jewels--a beautiful Emerald ring for Christmas along with many others through out these 4 years--so if you want to have rings on your fingers etc--give a kidney away--am just kidding -- The real reward has been to actually see Mark gradually get some quality of life again--it was so slow at first--we all worried a lot--but nature takes her time and his health has so improved. For me nothing has changed except I now have a scar on my left side which wasn't there before--and I'm aging as all of us are as gracefully as I can (and so dislike it).
My husband, Ed plans to attend the reunion with me this year just to make sure I won't plan on giving any more organs away. Seriously it has been a great journey for Mark and myself --something that we would have had much more difficulty with if it hadn't been for all your prayers and support. Thanks again to all of you and to Bill who contiually keeps this web site going for all of us to enjoy and keep in touch.

08-02-02 Tom Dunlavey -

Hi, Just a note to let everyone know Tom Dunlavey and Margaret Lewis Dunlavey are stll alive and well. We wish everyone well and love to see everyone on the website - it is great.

07-14-02 Cal Lewis -
Subject: the corner memories

Many times I waited on the corner of Main and Water for the bus to West Elmira. I don't imagine that boys still take their dates to the movies on buses.The first restaurant that I ever remember going to was Gillette's on this corner back during World War Two. As I recall our choices were the Colonial, the Regent, the Strand, the Capitol or the Keeney theatres. Does anyone remember the children's concerts at the Keeney?

05-09-02 Judy Scaffidi Newman -

I hope someone who keeps up on Elmira news lets us know what was decided about the Brand Park Pool. It was an innovative design for its day (or any day) and it would be nice if it was restored.

I worked there as an assistant cashier and as a lifeguard. I remember that Sandy Schaef and Tom Hall also worked there.

05-07-02 Sam Whitmoyer McCurdy -

I am looking for a traveling companion to attend the reunion. If someone is interested in joining me for the trip flying from Orlando, FL to Rochester, NY please contact me at my e-mail address -

04-19-02 Bob Eberly -

Enjoyed the class of 58 site, you did a very nice job, graphics & content, we need more people of your caliber to do this for schools throughout the country. I happened by your site while searching for music information from that era and especially liked the section on 45 RPM Records sold by month "Top Ten Tunes of the Fifties"

Bob Eberly, Class of 59 in Pennsylvania

04-10-02 Albert J. Pollen
Subject: Remembering the beat

As a former police officer in Elmira, I remember the times as a walking beat cop and my tours at Main and Water. The very heart of the city, it is a shame that this is no more. I enjoyed the beat as it brought me closer to the people. From the warm summer nights to the cold Christmas winds directing traffic, it left an impression of wonderful memories. We were brought up in a great era in a great town with some of the best and warmest folks in the world. Thank you Elmira.

04-03-02 Pat Ruvolo -

I have only recently been able to access the Class of '58 site, and wanted to say what a fabulous site it is. I have visited several times in the past few weeks, and have only "scratched the surface". Great job!

03-18-02 Steve Greatsinger -

I was looking for a person named Peggy Vallely and came across your web site. What a treat to look at all of the old places and areas of the city. Is this site restricted to only the class of '58 or can an old poop from the class of '52 belong. Looks like the Elmira days in Florida would be a blast. . Would love to attend next year and, of course, support the web site. Thanks.

03-17-02 Wendy K. Daly -

I was delighted to see your picture of Iszard's.  S.F.Iszard was my great-grandfather, and I have many memories of going to "the store" for clothes shopping.  My grandmother, Muriel Iszard Chamoulaud, had an office there and still lived in the family home (607 Euclid Ave.) where she and, later, my mom, Jeanne Marie Chamoulaud Kimmell, grew up.

Since we lived first in Media, then in Cheyney, PA, traveling up to Elmira was always a big event.  Mom nearly always took us up early on Friday mornings so we could arrive at the Iszard's Tea Room before their famous Graham Cracker Cream Pie was all gone.  Before the store closed I remember nearly begging the Tea Room staff for the recipe, but it was a very closely guarded secret so I never got it.

It was so sad to see the store close.  It seems that at a time when Elmira was losing so much of it's industrial base, Iszard's started expanding, first in the mall in Big Flats, then in Ithaca.  Grammy used to grumble that the store' buyers weren't "with it" when it came to choosing what sort of clothes Elmirans were likely to wear and that they were too expensive for most people. This must have been during the "hippy era."  Gram was in her late 70's then.  She lived to be 97.  Anyway, that started Iszard's decline, but who's to say it wouldn't have happened regardless?

My family and I were in Elmira last summer.  We hadn't been there in about 15 years.  What a shock to see it so empty!  It's sad.  I can recall as a kid that milk was delivered by horse and wagon even in the early sixties, plus I remember the beautiful elms that were so prevalent, lining so many streets.

Thanks for your website. 

03-07-02 - Bill Cook, SHS58 -

Just wanted everyone to know that Elmira Day in Melbourne was a great success. The largest crowd was from SHS with, I'd say, about 40 showing up. We took some pictures so hopefully they will turn out and I'll post them on the web site.

Bruce and Marcy were there and both looked like a million dollars. Bruce's health is coming back and Marcy looks like she's about 28 years old.

They stayed overnight with us and so we got caught up on things. Favorite stories about the good old days were the main topics and for an evening we were all 17 years old again.

03-07-02 - Ellen Kane Buglewicz -

Excellent website! My family moved from Elmira in 1972 and I last visited in 1987. Your marvelous pictures and stories were like being there again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I sent links to my four sisters as well, and they, too, were thrilled.

We were especially impressed with Scurvy Erv's!!! We used to stop there for penny candy, against my mother's wishes! We all attended Hopkins Street School and St. Mary's Church, so we adored those photos as well. What ever happened to that scary tunnel under the railroad tracks over by the American LaFrance? We also went there against our mother's wishes on our way to Brand Park Pool. It was a long walk, but so full of adventure! Those were the good old days!!! We were so free compared to today's children!

I've been trying to find someone who could take a photo of our old house at 704 Broadway. Not sure that it's even standing anymore. Do you know of anyone who could help?

Again, we displaced Elmirans in Nebraska REALLY appreciate what you're doing!!!

Ellen Kane Buglewicz
Papillion, Nebraska
Would have been SHS Class of 1980.

01-28-2002 - Barb Tremaine Sanford -

Hi Everyone,
    Well it's 3 years today since our surgery.  Talked with Mark just the other night and he sounded great.  Never mentions feeling sick etc.  Although I'am sure he still has many problems-- He's back working on his properties and enjoying his 12yr old son who is big into sports now. Difficult for me to believe this is the same person I use to talk to befor transplant--his voice was so weak I could barely hear him at  times.  How just one little kidney could so change his life. 
    I will never forget how you my classmates encouraged and supported me thru this time with your many cards and phone calls --you will never know how much these meant as this was such a lonely time for me out in Peoria ,Ill--with so few I knew around.  I feel great and am still working as a nurse at Moffitt Cancer center--looking forward to seeing all of you in just another year at our 45 th.  My husband says he's coming with me this time as he's worried I might think of something else to donate.
   Thanks again for all your caring thru this time and thanks also to Bill Cook who keeps this site going --all this couldn't have happened without you.
    God Bless,   Love, Barb

12-19-2001 Nancy McConnell Vallely -
Subject: on moving back to the Elmira area

While I was looking for a place to rent/buy near Montour Falls or Watkins Glen, I would drive all around the surrounding locale re-acquainting myself with the area, along with conjuring up old childhood memories involving time on the lake. For example, I recall summers (well probably a couple of weeks at a time) when I stayed with friends of my parents on Waneta Lake (I was about 7 or 8 years old).

So one Saturday, I spent time driving all around Waneta and Lamoka Lake, and then zeroing in on the specific spot that I recall where the cottage
was located on Waneta. Of course the landscape had memory was of a very long driveway to a cottage, and a boat house with top deck next to it.

I also recall that they converted an old barn into extra room for guests, and then built a small cottage up beyond the outhouse (yep, that was before inside plumbing at most cottages).

In any case, what I found was....first, nothing looked the same. Second, there WERE no long driveways, and NO big lawns. I had about given up trying to find the place, even though I did find one place that had the name "McConnell" on the list of residents, which did intrigue me. I finally spotted the name "Lone Pine" which brought back a flood of pleasant memories because that was the what the family (Osborne) had named their place on the lake. I was happy to finally find it, although a little disappointed about the more crowded feeling of the area. Isn't it odd that what seemed huge to us at young ages, suddenly takes on realistic proportions as we grow up?????
Oh well....

Have a great holiday!




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