Southside Landmark MemoriesFormer Site of Dooher's Drug Store
Former Site of Dooher's Drug Store, Corner of Franklin and Penna Ave. - Summer, 1998

Dooher's Drug Store
A Tardy Southsider's Pitts Goodie Shoppe

by Bill Cook

I remember Dooher's. It was where you went if you got out for lunch too late to get into Pitts. Pitts filled up early, so you had to be there or you'd never get inside. I remember sitting at the soda fountain in Dooher's eating my lunch and gulping down a Moo-Who. Remember those?

Moo-Whos were a thick ice-creamy-like thing that had a mystery ingredient that the clerk would pour from an eye dropper, measuring it just right so as to not give the customer an overdose of whatever it was that went into it. And whatever it was, it turned a normally thick milkshake into something that you couldn't drink with a straw because it had the consistency of peanut butter..

I guess I spent more of my lunch periods at Dooher's during my senior year than I remembered. In leafing through our SHS Class of 58 yearbook the other day, I happened on the page listing the names of the persons who donated to our yearbook fund. There must be over a hundred names on that page. Almost at the end of the list, I spotted it. "The 5B Dooher Boys!" Oh, my! I had forgotten that I was in that group. We all chipped in one day with some pocket change and donated it. We called ourselves the 5B Dooher Boys because Period 5B was our lunch. There was Dan Bahr, Gordie Haus, Jim Orsillo, Mike Murtaugh, and Tom Hall.

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