Elvis George

photo courtesy of Elvis George

Mike George (EFA '59) at his 60th Birthday Party

Probably not everyone would recognize who's in this picture. Maybe not even his dad could tell him from the real thing. Mike George, Jr. is an old friend of a lot of SHS fifties alumni. He tells it this way:

I decided to throw my own 60th birthday party so I got my son's band to play. A friend of mine put on a ventriloquist show and also another co-worker put on a great routine portraying Mary Catherine Gallagher from Sat Night Live (Molly Shannon). We held it at the Country Club I belong to - buffet and open bar. I didn't want to perform comedy magic at my own party so my son's band and I rehearsed a great Elvis routine. We got the costume from a friend of mine who owns a costume shop. I came out just like the real Elvis to smoke and the great music intro. No one knew about it beforehand except the band and Mary Catherine. We really caught everybody by surprise. A real classy event. My event friend has opened for the Dixie Chicks and been on Good Morning America, so we had some really great talent there.      

Some of you will remember Mike's dad, Mike George, Sr., who was the Director of Athletics for the Elmira Public Schools during the Fifties. Great look, Mike. And lots of kudos! Do you also do class reunions?

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