What's the Southside Connection?
Some of the entries we received
Mystery Photo Contest 2001

Sandra (Dean) Leach, SHS58 sleach@stny.rr.com

I think that person looks familiar, but not sure who it is.  I'll say the connection is Brand Park Pool. 

Mary-Jo Kline, SHS57 maryjokline@yahoo.com

I assume that the mystery subject is William Cook, SHS '58. Even if it isn't, how can I get one of these SHS 2002 calendars?

Jim Lowman, SHS54 jimlow@eisglobal.net

Obviously, it is bin Laden leaving the SHS pool.

Jim DuBois JimDuBois@webtv.net

Obviously John Hale

Gordon Carmer, SHS58 iamthankful@comporium.net

In reviewing the photos of classmates listed in the Edsonian, I have carefully considered all classmates for this mystery person.  I conclude that:

There are 267 student photos in our class of "58.
But, 153 are females with no facial hair, thus
114 male classmates remain

I remove myself ( I know it is not me ), thereby leaving

113 possible former male classmates of "58.
35 males have e-mail addresses listed for Class of "58, so
after carefully scrutinizing every photo, I reduce my list to

a magnificent seven:   
Bill Cook - yes, I believe it could be you!
Tom Hall - a strong possibility.
Jack Lockner - an outside choice.
Mike Murtaugh - why not!
Dennis Newnham - something tells me....
Dick Peterson - erhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Bruce Silvers - are these Bruce's lips?

Yet wait! A strong intuitive moment yields one more name. A classmate who has been mentioned on the website recently. this person does not have an e-mail address, but has been in communication with you, so my nominee is none other than.............Mark Wilson.

Mystery Photo 2001

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