Senior Play: Judge Me Not

Not everybody joined the drama club (Footlighters) at SHS, but that didn't mean we couldn't act out our parts in front of the footlights of our high school plays. Probably most memorable is the Senior Play, JUDGE ME NOT, written by Robert Lynough, SHS drama coach. Mr. Lynough was inspired by the story The Devil and Daniel Webster which tells a tale about a man who sold his soul to the devil so that he might become successful in life. Jim Duffield (Harry Crash) and Larry Naylor (Beelzabub) played two of the leads. The third lead (the Spirit of Harry) was played by Vinnie Stalis. We have some pictures of the production: some shots of Jim and Larry as well as a curtain call by some of the cast. See if you can pick out your classmates in the line up.

Play Program
Curtain Call
Scene in Harry's Apartment
Judges and the Spirit
The Devil tempts Harry
Lead Players

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