photo from 1957 Edsonian Yearbook
Home Room 214 - 1957
February 2000 Picture of the Month
Home Room 214 Junior Year at Southside - 1957

st Row (l-r) Mr. Lynough, P. Agan, T. Dunleavy, G. Augustine, R. J. Blanchard, L. Buchanan, R. Benedict, R. Frisk, Mr. Ripley
2nd Row: J. Allen, G. Andrus, D. Elston, J. Beard, D. Beeman, F. Doughty, G. Woodard, G. Cole, W. Dunlap
3rd Row: W. Cook, D. Bahr, D. Etson, J. Evans, W. Cruise, J. Cappuci, D. Burlew, P. Bambury, B. Dixon,
F. Dunkle, R. E. Blanchard, F. Aiello
Top Row: J. Friends, G. Brookman, J. Duffield, L. Ackerman, G. Carmer, S. Cooper, M. Bedrosian, R. Anderson,
F. Adley, W. Buckholtz, R. Cory, K. Cartwright

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