This item is reprinted from the June 1958 El-So-Hi Newpaper, the last issue published by Southside High School before the Class of 58 graduated

SHS Class of 58 Bequeaths:

To the freshmen of next year, the helpful guidance of Miss Robinson.

To the sophomores, the right to be in Miss Bower's After 3:20 Club.

To the juniors, Robert Lynough's talent for directing plays.

To the seniors, Mr. Greene's interest in post graduation plans.

To our faithful advisor Mrs. Lund, our apologies for our many blunders and our thanks for her many kindnesses.

Individual Bequeaths:

From Linda Atkinson to some lucky senior-to-be: savoir faire at Cornell weekends.

From Patricia Farrell to June Orsillo: the right to entertain passers-by on Pennsylvania Avenue.

From Jean Fleming to Pat Daly: the description, "that tiny senior with the long light hair."

From Jim Orsillo to Bob Jump: the reputation as the mad scientist of S.H.S."

From Judy Bumbalo and Joyce Cicora to their soon-to-be-a-freshman brothers John and Tom: the right to instruct substitutes in the correct pronunciation of the family name.

From Tom Hall to Lynn Morison: the frontless drawer in the El-So-Hi office.

From Judy Scaffidi and Dick Peterson to next year's Sunday Telegram school reporters: the right to call up S.H.S. big shots late on Thursday nights.

From Mike Murtaugh to Gus Kilcoyne: the right to loud vocal enjoyments of a good joke.

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