Ma Lund Home Page
Ma Lund's Home Page

This page is dedicated to Luella Lund, who was our class advisor. Ma Lund (as she was known by those of us she called her children) became our class advisor during our Sophomore year and stayed with us through graduation in 1958.

During her tenure as our advisor, Ma shared the role with several other teachers at SHS, among them Harry Barrett, David Rossi and Harold Schwalb, but she was with us for our Sophomore through Senior years. To many at SHS, she was just a biology teacher, but to the Class of '58, she was our Southside Mom.

Ma Lund was dedicated to making our class one of the best ever at Southside. And although she went on after our graduation to be advisor to many others, she'll always have a special place in the history of the Class of '58 and in the hearts of '58 alumni.

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Lund Deceased

Freshman Year Officers

Freshman Year class officers:
Treasurer Sandy Dean; Historian Sandy Schaef; President Scott Steiner; Vice-president Gene Augustine; Secretary Joy Utter; Advisor Mr. Harry Barrett.

Sophomore Year Officers

Sophomore Year class officers:
Advisor Harry Barrett; Treasurer Sandy Dean; Vice-president Joy Utter; Historian Sandy Schaef; Secretary Barb Tremaine; Advisor Ma Lund; President Bruce Silvers.

Junior Year Officers

Junior Year class officers:
Historian Sandy Schaef; Advisor David Rossi; Secretary Diane Lampila; Vice-president John Evans; Treasurer Sandy Dean; Advisor Ma Lund, President Scott Steiner

Senior Year Officers

Senior Year class officers:
Standing: Advisor Harold Schwalb; Historian Sandy Schaef;
Secretary Polly Von Hendy; Vice-president Tom Hall;
President Bill Cook.

Seated: Advisor Ma Lund, Treasurer Sandy Dean.

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