Corner of Main & Water Streets - Elmira, NY
Elmira's favorite Fifties corner today

About Main & Water

ot everyone remembers when folks met in downtown Elmira to go to lunch. That was before the Mall in Big Flats when downtown Elmira was a thriving beehive of shops and businesses. Our Main & Water Home Page is dedicated to all those Elmirans and former-Elmirans who still long for the days of the Forties, Fifties & Sixties when you could be at the corner of Main and Water at noon and meet so many of your friends that you grew up with.

We are bringing those friends back together for you at our own Corner of Main & Water Bulletin Board and Message Center. If you have news or an item you'd like to share with some of your Elmira friends, you can send it to our Corner of Main & Water Home Page and we'll post it here so everyone will know about it.

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