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Pitt's Goodie Shoppe - 1998
Pitt's Goodie Shoppe in 1998

Pitt's Goodie Shoppe
Where we studied during our lunch periods

hen somebody in the back at Southside High School in the Fifties said "You're the Pitt's" they weren't putting you down. Pitt's was a high watermark of extra-curricular raz-amatazz. This was where it was happening. And it was right across the street from good old SHS!

Actually, many parents made Pitt's Goodie Shoppe off limits. For some reason they didn't believe it was the high watermark we thought it was and they didn't believe us when we told them we were studying there, either.

But if you were really 'with it' then you spent a lot of time at Pitt's anyway. Because this was where you'd see classmates like Diane Logue, John Evans, Paula Von Hendy, Pete Bambury - the movers and the shakers of our class, in more ways than one. Wish we had some pictures.

Speaking of which, we're looking for pictures to display at this Web Site - something that others from back in the Fifties and Sixties at Southside High will enjoy. We've already got a good start on it, but If you have a picture that you would care to send it to us, we'll be sure and take good care of it and get it back to you.

You can send your pics to the following address:

Bill Cook
PO Box 1029
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We'll get them back to you within a couple of days after we receive them so that you aren't without them for very long. And we appreciate your helping to build this Web Site into something we can all enjoy over the years between reunions.

In the meantime, check out the pictures we've received from alumni in our photo album.

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