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Schmick's Ice Cream Shop

ho among us can say they never had an ice cream cone at Schmick's store on Broadway. It was still going strong in the Fifties, but sometime after that it disappeared.

The photos on this page are courtesy of Bruce Schmick, SHS Class of 67 and grandson of the founder and original owner of Schmick's Ice Cream Store.

"White House Ice Cream" - many remember it as a flavor of ice cream that Schmick's sold. But several Elmirans at a recent Melbourne, Florida reunion thought it was the name of the Schmick's brand of ice cream. Anyone know for sure?

Anyway - it was the best. And we'd give anything to sample some of it again.

The Schmick house

. . . as it appeared in the 1980's. It's minus the ice cream shop which was torn down.

The Schmick Brothers

from the left in the photo are Kenny, Donnie, Quentin, "Doc" Jessie, and Bruce's father Hayes -- all Schmicks and all brothers.  All have passed away now except Bruce's Uncle Donnie Schmick who lives in Horseheads, NY and his Aunt Shirley who lives on Walnut Street in Elmira.

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