Southside Landmark MemoriesSt. Mary's - August, 1998
St.Mary's Catholic Church on Franklin Street - 1998

St. Mary's Church and Grammar School

by Bill Cook

One of my favorite sites on my everyday trek as a Freshman (2 miles, kids, from my house on Broadway) down Franklin Street to Southside was to pass by St. Mary's. It meant I was getting closer to 1st period Spanish Class where I could sit near Polly Von Hendy.

For some members of the Class of 58, St. Mary's was 8th Period, Wednesday Religious Instruction. The Protestants went to Centenary Methodist Church. I guess I didn't appreciate how beautiful a building St. Mary's was, but now, 40 years later, here it is in all its glory.

Before coming to Southside, many of our '58 alumni went to grammar school at St. Mary's. Mary Costello talks about her experiences there in our Whatever Happened series on her.

I should hasten to add, Polly went there, too.

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